Lint Painting Aqua/Grey by Lonnie Knutson #42-2

Lonnie Knutson

Lint Painting Aqua/Grey by Lonnie Knutson #42-2

Using common dryer lint, the artist has created something beautifully uncommon. At first glance this piece appears to be an abstract painting until one gets a closer look and notices the texture and inclusions like bits of thread and tissue. Presented in a bamboo frame, ready for hanging.

Lonnie Knutson is a Brainerd-based artist who is known for her colorful and lively abstracts and is a skilled artist in several mediums. 

Ships Priority Mail to the US. Pick-up is always free. Please contact The Crossing Arts Alliance office to arrange payment and pick-up details at 218-833-0416.

Dimensions: 7.25”x 7.25” x 1.25” framed

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